Worship Jesus

In the process of doing life in Christ one step at a time together, worshipping Jesus is the natural first step.  Worship that marks the life of a disciple and worship that defines a great church is worship that is simply our response to who God is and what he has done expressed in and by the words we say and the way we live. 

Everything else in the process of life in Christ, the process of discipleship, hinges on this first step of worshipping Jesus.  We cannot be Christians without being disciples and we cannot be disciples without being worshippers of Jesus.

The value of our corporate worship in a Sunday worship service is defined by the integrity of our personal worship throughout the week.  Our personal worship throughout the week is empowered by the corporate worship in a Sunday worship service.  Worshipping Jesus is the absolutely non-negotiable first step in a disciples’ life. It is not a step that is finished and moved on from, it is thefoundation of life in Christ.  So in our vision, we will be a church that worships Jesus so that we makedisciples who worship Jesus.

As a church, though we cannot make anyone worship Jesus in spirit and truth, we can and must give consistent opportunities to worship Jesus corporately.  And that is what we do primarily every Sunday morning together in our worship service.


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