PIE Partners In Education

One of the ways that the Fairway Family is putting our vision of being a church that is about “moving people to LIFE in Christ one step at a time” into action is becoming a Partner In Education with Jefferson Elementary School here in Wichita Falls.

Partnering with Jefferson gives us several ways to share our lives with our community because of the life of Christ in us. Not only do we get much greater access to the students, families, and faculty for publicity and events, we also have the opportunity of serving them throughout the year. There are several areas of need within this ministry.

In this one-on-one program, you will invest in a specific child’s life throughout the school year by meeting with them 30 minutes a week, talking with them, eating lunch with them at times, listening to them, and just showing you care. Some of these kids have no one else they can talk to or trust.

Reading Buddies
Another one-on-one opportunity we have with Jefferson is in the reading buddies program.  In this program you will meet 30 minutes weekly throughout the school year with your assigned student and read to them or listen to them read.  Many of these kids are struggling readers who need extra help in order to pass the standardized testing.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to sign up, please contact the church office.


Local Opportunities

Through our LINK groups we are partnering with various organizations throughout the community in order to mobilize our Fairway family to Reach Our World right here in our own city. These organizations include:

Faith Mission
Faith Refuge
Crisis Pregnancy Center
Wichita Falls Area Food Bank
Jefferson Elementary

If you are not currently involved in a LINK or would like more information about serving one of these organizations for your LINK group, please let us know and we will get you connected.

  BSM International Outreach

Each semester we partner with the BSM at MSU in order to provide dinner and fellowship for the International Students at their weekly “Party for the Nations”. The goal is to not only provide food, but build friendships with these students in order to reach them for Christ.

Everyone is welcome to show up and spend some time with the students each Friday night at 7pm at the BSM building on campus.

  Loaves and Fishes Ministry, Houston Texas

Loaves and Fishes works with Bhutanese refugees in an apartment complex in Houston. They help with everything from jobs, clothing, and food to bible teaching and vbs for the kids. Each Spring our Fairway youth go on a mission trip to serve the people at these apartment complexes.

If you have any questions or would like to know how to be more involved contact Brandon Shaffer.

Help One Now – Haiti

Help One Now is an organization committed to caring for orphans and vulnerable children by empowering local leaders in order to transform communities and break the cycle of extreme poverty. As a church, we have partnered with Help One Now in Haiti in order to meet the physical needs of those who are suffering and hurting yes, but also to bring the gospel to those who so desperately need it. Through Help One Now this partnership takes on many forms, from financial to missions trips to child sponsorships and education initiatives.

Click here to find out more about Help One Now and why we have partnered with them. http://www.helponenow.org/

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