Reach Your World

In doing life in Christ one step at a time together, the first three steps of Worshipping Jesus, Learning Truth, and Building Community only make sense and continue to be the realities of our lives when they are connected to the mission of Jesus.  The last command from Jesus was that as we go about our lives, we are to be disciple-makers, we are to reach our world.

The Scripture indicates that there are lots of Christians running the race of life, but not many are running to be winners of souls.  Yet, there ought never to be a believer that is running that race of life apart from a passionate pursuit of those who are far from God.  A disciple’s life has got to consistently culminate in the step of reaching your world, so we seek to understand and live in what that means.

To reach your world means for the sake of the gospel you make yourself a slave to those in your life, you seek to understand and to live with them in a way that earns as many chances as possible to speak Jesus into their lives.

It is reaching your world because it is you.  If Jesus has called you to himself, he has called you to his mission and there is no part of where you do life every day that he doesn’t want you to be there forthe mission.

It is your world because that covers everyone.  You must live with an eye to what you see every day, but with a heart that knows not only your world needs Jesus but the world needs Jesus.

To reach your world is not something we do “at” the church facilities, it is what we do “as” the church individually and together everywhere we are.

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