Learn Truth

In the process of doing life in Christ one step at a time together, the step that flows naturally out of Worshipping Jesus is learning truth.  Truth is God’s perspective on what is real and God’s perspective on what is real is found in God’s written Word.

Biblical truth is the relevant message for any culture.  It is already relevant because of what it is, not because of our opinion about it.  We cannot truthfully claim to love God, we cannot claim to be disciples, without wanting to know Jesus more and more through his truth.

The process of learning truth is absolutely critical in the life of a disciple.  It is more than knowing or understanding.  It is both of those things combined with the practice of applying what we know and understand to how we live.  The Word of God is the final authority in a disciple’s life.  Scripture trumps culture.  When culture stands in direct contradiction to the Word of God, a disciple must reject culture and embrace where God stands.

God’s goal for the proclamation of His truth in the church is not Christian intellectualism, but character development: that we would be able to become more and more like Jesus. So in our vision,we will be a church that is doing life in Christ together by learning truth together.

Though as a church we cannot make anyone live in the process of learning God’s Word, we must give consistent opportunities to learn truth together.  And that is what we do primarily in Bible study classes for every age Sunday mornings before our worship service.


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