Build Community

In doing life in Christ one step at a time together, the step that flows out of Learning Truth is building community.  In God’s truth we discover quickly that we were never meant to do life in Christ alone.  We were never meant to walk with Jesus by ourselves.  And yet the battle we often fight is that it is too possible to be in the church but not of the church.  It is too possible to come and soak it up and even to try and grow spiritually and yet to try doing all that apart from one another.  That was never the intent of Christ.

The calling on our lives as disciples is not to live in community, but to live in biblical community.  At the heart of biblical community there is unity, and what unifies us is the truth of Jesus Christ.

As we let the truth of God’s Word be the shared filter through which we see life and ourselves and each other, we must not only avoid that which destroys community, we have to actively build community as well.  So biblical community is not just about the breadth and depth of our relationships in the church, it is built by looking to the needs of others practically through service in, to, and as the church. So in our vision, we will be a church that is doing life in Christ together by building community through biblical relationships and consistent service to the body of Christ together.

As a church we cannot force people into relationships nor force them to use their gifts, talents, time, and resources in the service of one another, but we must give opportunities to build community together. And that is what we do primarily through our LINKs on Sunday nights.


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