Fairway 101    

Fairway 101 is how someone becomes a member of the wonderful Fairway family. Because we believe the choice of which church to join is one of the most important ones you can make, that decision isn’t made at Fairway by walking an aisle or filling out a card. You wouldn’t get on a plane without knowing where it is going so why would you join a church without knowing where it is headed?

Fairway 101 is a one time class where people can find out more about our vision and purpose, how and why we do what we do as a church, what is expected of our members, as well as what our core beliefs are as a church family. Everyone who wants to join our family has to go through 101 first, but just because you come to the class doesn’t mean you have to join. If after hearing what God is doing here, you feel like this is the place He wants you, then we’d love to have you and you’ll be given a chance to join in any of the way we receive members. But if not, then we want you to be where God wants you to be.

The next step after Fairway 101 is to get plugged into the church family so you can build relationships so that your church becomes your family. Those who join will have a mentor family to help them get acclimated and involved in the ministry of Fairway Baptist.


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