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At Fairway, we believe and want to help others believe that Christianity is not just a religion, it is an incredible life - so we base our lives day to day on that belief. We believe that "church" is not just a part of your life, not just an event or an organization, but that we are the church. The vision of the church is our vision for ourselves. Salvation isn't just forgiveness and fire insurance; it is the truth that the Kingdom of God is right now - in us. So that's what Fairway is all about. God has called the church to make disciples. Jesus himself defines being a Christian as being a disciple - systematically and progressively rearranging the affairs of our lives to be like him.

There are parts of being and growing as disciples that can only be accomplished in partnership with the local church, so that is what we as Fairway must be about.  Our vision that defines everything we do and are is to be doing life in Christ one step at a time together, and to do that, a disciple must Worship Jesus, Learn Truth, Build Community, and Reach Your World with the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

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